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Stop copying and pasting data from filings and disclosures. Access and analyze financial and ESG data in seconds, not hours, with idaciti.

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Transform Your Data Into Actionable Insights

Stop wasting hours on mundane data collection tasks. idaciti is the ultimate platform for transforming financial and ESG disclosures into actionable insights quickly and easily. With idaciti’s intuitive data visualizations, you can quickly identify connections between different data sets to uncover key insights and make informed decisions.

Discover new growth opportunities, reduce costs, optimize operations and understand the ROI of your sustainability initiatives with idaciti. Get the most out of your ESG data with advanced analytics, reporting, and research tools that help answer any business question.

With idaciti, you’ll be able to search and analyze millions of company filings and CSR reports. Browse up to 15 years of history for 5,000+ normalized financial metrics and ESG measures— all with one-click tracebacks to the source documents. 

Bespoke Datasets from Machine Learning Tools

idaciti provides a collection of the essential Financial and ESG data sets (Fundamental, Footnotes, GHG Emissions, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Data, and more). But we also recognized that off-the-shelf data sets rarely address ALL your needs. When it comes to ESG data, your expertise and research or investment theory are what set you apart.

Our extensible XBRL-based framework incorporates machine learning operations is the unique application that your team of business experts needs to effortlessly curate unique data points that truly drive the winning decisions. With idaciti, you will spend time analyzing data, making strategic decisions, and not collecting data.

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Uncover Rich Insights

Eliminate the need to conduct countless search engine queries or to sift through filings. Instead, quickly find what you’re looking for—and even find data you didn't know existed—with a powerful research toolset.

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Dive into Every Data Point

idaciti helps you trace any data directly to the original source. With just a few clicks, you’ll know exactly how and why you’re seeing the numbers in front of you—and you’ll understand them in context of the company’s narrative.

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Easily Access Up-to-Date Information

idaciti parses public filings and CSR reports and notifies you when new, relevant information becomes available. That means you and your team have access to the richest and most accurate data library on the market.

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Make a Visual Impact

Create a narrative around your findings and recommendations—and turn relevant data into compelling analyses that drive decisions. Then share, annotate, and collaborate on visual representations of your findings.

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Work with Data the Way You Like To

Access information through secure API, then integrate into Excel or internal workflows. Explore your data interactively and use idaciti’s built-in visualization tools to create charts or presentation-ready storyboards.

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Analyze the Data You Need

Get detailed financial and ESG data—both quantitative and qualitative—at near real-time speeds. Analyze and compare data from US and global markets from the same platform, no matter the accounting or ESG standard.

idaciti provides near-immediate, intuitive access to financial information - including filings, footnotes, MD&A, corporate actions, proxy statements, SEC Comment letter and much more.

For anyone who researches financial information and disclosures, it is a game-changer.

Leslie F. Seidman
idaciti Advisor, Past Chairman of FASB

idaciti has proven to be an invaluable resource of our research efforts and Financial Executives International's mission to inform members with robust data.

They have been a key partner in understanding complex filings around audit fees, allowing us to gain deeper understanding a crucial driver of resources in the financial suite.

Andrej Suskavcevic
President & CEO Financial Executives International

idaciti’s Data Process Flow

Here’s how idaciti turns data into insight.

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Step 1

Start with structured data tagged in XBRL

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Step 2

Augment with non-XBRL disclosures and data

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Step 3

Use machine-learning to normalize data and text

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Step 4

Deliver data via API. Present it using interactive visualizations.

What is XBRL?

XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It’s the new world-wide standard for tagging business and financial reports. Drawing from global financial reporting taxonomies, XBRL empowers companies to precisely label financial data with thousands of computer-readable tags. These tags help computers make that data easily analyzed by investors, analysts, reporters, and regulators.


Most of the world’s capital markets mandate eXtensible Business Reporting Language—and Inline XBRL (iXBRL) is the new standard for digital reporting. Filing a financial report in Inline XBRL creates a single version of the truth. The first layer displays as a typical web page, and the second layer is made up of semantically-tagged data that can be calculated, traced, referenced, and more. That makes iXBRL the best of both worlds: easily readable by people, and perfectly usable by computers.

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