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Whether you’re worried you can’t trust the numbers—or you simply don’t want to spend hours finding them—there’s an idaciti solution for you.

Large company or small… If you want to solve problems by capitalizing on the abundance of financial and ESG information that is publicly available, consider idaciti.

API Icon XBRL Accelerator

Next Generation Machine-Learning, Machine-Readable, and API Delivery Financial Data Product

  • Instantly access data from filings filed to the SEC and other regulators.
  • Streamline data ingestion with one-click tracebacks— each data point can be traced back to the original filing and location, so you know where it came from and how it was computed.
  • Get normalized data from F/S and footnotes with confidence and full traceability. idaciti XBRL data has significantly more granularity than traditional data providers.
  • With XBRL Accelerator ™, you can start your quantitative trading or quantamental research in near real time without limitations based on market cap regimes.

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ESG Accelerator

Automate the Tedious out of ESG Research and Data Collection

  • Streamline your ESG research and data collection with idaciti’s automation tools.
  • Access 800+ normalized and traceable ESG data points, filings submitted to regulators within minutes of publication, and annual/CSR reports published by companies.
  • Enjoy real-time, customized, and automated data collection to save time and effort.
  • Convert proprietary document repositories into interactive data and trace every data point back to its source documents.
  • Get clean, structured, and tailored data that meets your specifications, whether you’re a researcher/analyst or an in-house data scientist.

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explorer icon idaciti Explorer

Financial information at your fingertips

  • Access earnings releases, annual and quarterly filings, and other significant corporate events in real-time. Follow companies and get notifications when filings are public.
  • Set up custom peer groups and custom financial templates to benchmark data the way you want to.
  • Download financial statements and tables to Excel, view how companies reconcile their non-GAAP KPIs from GAAP measures, benchmark companies based on industry-specific KPIs, and more.
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research icon idaciti Research

Your “own search engine” for financial and ESG disclosures

  • Research tens of millions of disclosures and get results in seconds.
  • Connect narratives with underlying data points for a complete analysis.
  • Save search criteria in a research card that automatically refreshes when new disclosures become available.
  • View relevant highlights, download research results, get real-time email notifications and more.

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idaciti Research

analysis icon idaciti Analysis

Unlock the power of data and insight

  • Communicate your findings with financial and ESG data visualization and interactive storyboarding tools.
  • Use purpose-built charts to help you discover what your data is really telling you.
  • Share analyses—or collaborate on data presentations—with stakeholders.

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idaciti Analysis

viewer icon idaciti Inline XBRL Viewer

Find the numbers—and what they mean

  • Analyze data and read contextual information in the browser.
  • View, filter and search with instant and interactive trending and benchmarking capability.
  • Comply with accuracy and confidence. Execute extensive validation checks before you file with the SEC—including EFM (SEC EDGAR Filing Manual), DQC (XBRL-US Data Quality Checks,) and more.

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idaciti Inline XBRL Viewer

idaciti platform enables us to build out a set of peer companies with specific metrics that we use to set up templates to perform our annual Goodwill Impairment analysis. It also helps us to understand certain transaction multiples. Being able to use a platform rooted in XBRL data to normalize the companies, looking at the strength of their balance sheet, the strength of their revenues, their profitability metrics, we really start to get a sense of what our company is truly worth.

We are also able to easily research peer company disclosures to ensure that our financial reporting is of the highest quality.

Paul Malazita
CFO, Famous Dave's of America, Inc.

The idaciti platform is game-changing for anyone that works with or relies on financial and non-financial data from public filings. The platform is amazingly powerful for comparing data from multiple companies or specific industries. What’s different from other offerings is the ability to trace the data to the original filing source, and helping locate very detailed data that can be hard to find or compare.

idaciti can deliver on all this while saving our team a ton of time vs. traditional methods of finding and searching through countless SEC filings.

Alex Soffe
Administrative Partner, Kickstart Seed Fund

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