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XBRL Accelerator ™ - Next Generation Machine-Learning, Machine-Readable, and API Delivery Financial Data Product

XBRL in­stances in­clude, as data fields, every fact re­ported in the face of finan­cial state­ments and foot­notes to the financials. idaciti adopts the XBRL-first process, can har­vests every last one of these data points, and can normalize the data points to make them comparable and serve them up, ready to be used by our users.

Democratization of Financial Data
XBRL can democratize financial data, we believe wholeheartedly in this vision.
However, we also think this only gets us part of the way there. To truly democratize access to financial data, we also believe that all the necessary metadata and traceback of each data point back to the source location are essential for credibility and transparency.
This is How We Are Different
Not only do we treat all companies as equals, but we also treat all data as equal. We provide transparency to each data point, whether on the face statement or buried in the footnotes to the financials — all within minutes of the company filing with the SEC.

ESG Accelerator ™ - Automate the Tedious out of ESG Research and Data Collection

The exponential growth in interest related to ESG disclosures and investing has forced many companies and regulators to rely on technology to keep abreast with the evolving ESG landscape and respond quickly to its challenges.

Suppose you are one of the companies that need to conduct ESG research efficiently, gather important data, and execute analyses to drive business and social strategies alongside growth… at scale. Do you have the tools to ensure efficient, reviewable data collection with traceback to the source document?

Meet idaciti ESG Accelerator.

The XBRL-first approach and ML-assisted technology automate unstructured data collection from regulatory filings and your proprietary documents repository.

The scalable cloud-based solution is fully managed and designed to be white-labeled and integrated with your existing applications and workflow.

Disclosure Research - your “search engine” for financial disclosures

idaciti Disclosure Research makes all financial disclosures intuitively searchable and comparable. With idaciti, your findings are easy to organize, easy to share and stay updated automatically.

Only idaciti lets you save your insights on custom research cards. After you design a search, we keep running it for you, 24/7. Your research cards are updated every time new relevant disclosure documents go live.

Share your cards with colleagues with a simple web link. When you share your research cards, even those who aren’t on idaciti have access. When you use idaciti, your whole team benefits.

With idaciti, you can dig deeper, work smarter, and collaborate better.

View Inline XBRL

Inline XBRL merges XBRL data with HTML in a single report—making it machine-readable and human-readable. Not only does this decrease the risk of errors in reporting and increase efficiency of a company’s existing reporting process, but it also provides the opportunity to visualize the data in many different ways.

Get GAAP and Non-GAAP Numbers in the Same Platform

See data for both GAAP and non-GAAP measures and easily combine them to better understand how company management tells their story. Compare GAAP and non-GAAP data and make annotations for company-specific adjustments for better transparency and analysis.

Research SEC Comment Letters

SEC comment letters can provide valuable insight into trends worth investigating and potential pitfalls to avoid. It’s also good to simply be aware of them when preparing financial reports. idaciti quickly, efficiently, and succinctly surfaces specific topics for you amongst SEC Comment Letters and their respective recipient responses—delivering them to you chronologically summarized.