How Do You Use idaciti?

The idaciti platform makes public financial data easily accessible and shareable. Because idaciti makes data compilation simpler, your team can dig deeper. That means they can get to work collaborating more quickly and efficiently — and they can do it all in just a handful of simple steps.

Here’s how it works:

Select your companies

Step 1. Select Which Companies to Evaluate

The idaciti platform makes it easy to select any public companies you want to evaluate.

Choose your metrics

Step 2. Choose Your Search Parameters

Define your KPIs and then choose from over one thousand data points contained in idaciti’s pre-built reporting and analysis taxonomy. Our platform parses and normalizes based on public findings — including footnotes and non-financial data — to give you all of the key insights you’re looking for.

Dig deep into discovery

Step 3. Uncover Insights

The idaciti platform lets you dig deeper into financial data than any standard platform. Using search and analysis to comb footnotes, MD&A, Earnings Releases, and SEC Comment Letters will help you uncover hidden insights in seconds. Because idaciti is a discovery platform, you can also ask questions and change your data sets dynamically as you discover anomalies or other insights along the way.

Create data cards

Step 4. Create Data Cards

Once you’ve found the data you’re looking for, you’ll save it to a data card in order to better visualize the information and create a valuable and informative chain of reports.

Build your storyboard and collaborate

Step 5. Build Your Storyboard and Collaborate

Now you can use your data cards to tell your story. All of the data you select will be automatically graphed and you can choose from a variety of display options to create your storyboard. Your team can collaborate and share storyboards.


If this all sounds simple, that’s because IT IS! If you’d like to schedule a demo to see idaciti in action fill out the fields below to get started.

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