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One of the hardest parts of the work you do is manually collecting the data you need. (Or paying exorbitant amounts of money for someone to do it for you.)

You need a better way to access data—and then analyze it—to glean insight. But you need more than just data feeds, news items featuring someone else's insights, or bulky databases.

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Enter idaciti. By using the power of XBRL—eXtensible Business Reporting Language—to parse public filings, idaciti provides the data you need, and then makes it possible for you to visualize that information to build clear and compelling reports.

Best of all, idaciti is a software-as-a-service (Saas) platform with a convenient and affordable subscription structure—an ideal alternative to making a large capital investment in owning and operating your own data feed software and hardware.

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Access normalized, traceable data reported in earnings releases and quarterly and annual filings (10K/10Q/20F/6K) in near real-time—and get instant updates when something changes.

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View and benchmark financial data from US and global markets from the same platform, no matter the accounting standard.

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Enjoy one-click tracebacks to trace every data point (including those derived through complex formulas) back to the location in the original filing.

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Easily visualize data with a rich set of charts providing intelligent financial analysis— evaluate performance, judge a company’s prospects, or better understand a business.

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Work with data the way you like to: access information through secure API, integrate into Excel or internal workflows, explore data interactively, and create charts or presentation-ready storyboards.

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Generate comprehensive reports—for example companies incurring the largest data breach costs, or companies with the largest offshore earnings—in seconds.

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Use advanced analytics features: graphs, segment report, GAAP to Non-GAAP reconciliation, timeline view to see corporate events, and more.

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Filing? Use idaciti’s Inline XBRL view to review the quality of your submission before sending to the SEC.

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