Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to idaciti, you probably have some questions. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get from future customers who are evaluating the platform and curious about how it can help them streamline and grow their business. These questions will also help you understand how idaciti is different from other financial data platforms out there.

What is idaciti?

idaciti is a public financial data visualization platform that allows businesses to gain a broader, deeper view of public companies and their data, disclosure, MD&A and non-financial datasets. By putting real-time data at your fingertips, idaciti allows you to dig deeper into analysis efficiently and effectively to help your management team make key decisions.

How can idaciti make my job easier?

idaciti simplifies the task of compiling data from SEC filings and other data sources by reducing the time it takes to search and access financial and non-financial data and generate graphs and charts based on all of the KPIs your company needs. By automating the manual process of data collection and compilation, you can focus on analyzing the financial data you’re collecting.

Does idaciti offer more than SEC EDGAR filing information?

Yes. idaciti gives you access to public financial data and disclosure information provided to the SEC, and combines it with non-financial information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, FDA and more. Additionally, idaciti is a global data analysis platfomr and we are currently working with other countries to pull in company data.

How is idaciti different from Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Factset, Compustat, and other platforms?

idaciti utilizes structured data and modern technologies. Your success is our main priority. We are constantly making enhancements based on the needs of our customer base. That agile approach means that if the data you want isn’t available right now, we’ll get it — and fast. idaciti also goes deeper than other platforms with real-time access to non-GAAP data and non-financial data. And idaciti does it all at a lower cost than other financial data software platforms.

How can I be sure the financial data I'm getting is credible?

Not only do we provide data directly from both SEC and global company filings, but we show you exactly where in the filings that data is located so you can verify it for yourself. Our data is constantly updated so you can be confident you’re seeing real-time results by simply refreshing your screen.

What are the different ways I can access the  idaciti platform?

With idaciti, you can either access our data repository using a simple API and have a list of data feed into your Excel or other applications. You can also use the idaciti web application to access a dynamic set of data in real-time and get answers quickly and interactively.

Does idaciti allow me to collaborate with colleagues on financial data reports?

Yes. As long as your permission levels are set to allow it, idaciti allows you to collaborate with colleagues in real time. Because the software is a securely hosted SaaS software, the idaciti platform can be easily and securely accessed anywhere, across multiple devices. This makes it simple for multiple members of your team to make annotations and narrate your company’s analyses. This level of collaboration reduces duplicate efforts, overlaps, and confusion among team members.

Is a financial data visualization platform like idaciti something my small company should consider?

idaciti is ideal for any company, of any size that wants to solve problems and improve their business by capitalizing on the abundance of public financial and non-financial data available. We have seen tangible benefits that are especially important for smaller companies.

idaciti changes data visualization software from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” tool for your business.

What are the cost benefits of idaciti?

Because idaciti is a SaaS platform, it provides an alternative to making a large capital investment in owning and operating your own data feed software, hardware, and infrastructure. It can be accessed on a subscription basis. 

Who do I contact if I have a support question or request?

Every idaciti user goes through an onboarding where you’ll become familiar with our customer service team. Our team will also follow up with you via quarterly check ups. At idaciti, we’re committed to your success. We want to help you simplify access to all of the data your company needs to thrive. An idaciti team member can be contacted at If you have a questions that you don't see on this page you may also fill out the form below.

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