idaciti is public data made accessible and shareable

idaciti lets you visualize and share the global financial data that’s key to making the right decisions for your business and uncovering new opportunities for growth.

idaciti is a global data visualization and analysis platform that allows businesses to gain a broader, deeper view of public companies and their data, disclosures, and non-financial datasets. By putting real-time data at your fingertips, idaciti allows you to dig deeper into analysis efficiently and effectively to help your management team make key decisions.

Choose The Companies You Want to Analyze

Access Reliable Financial and Nonfinancial Data

The Idaciti platform automates the manual process of data collection, compilation, and cleaning. Thanks to our advanced XBRL parsing technology, we scan public filings every 15 minutes to bring you Edgar filings and non-Edgar data you can trust.

Idaciti also gives you access to public financial data and disclosure information provided to the SEC and combines it with non-financial information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, FDA and more. Additionally, idaciti is also currently working with other countries to pull in company data.

Choose Your Metrics

Surface Meaningful Insights

idaciti lets you dig deeper into financial data than any other standard platform. Using search and analysis to comb through footnotes, MD&A, Earnings Releases, and SEC Comment Letters will help you uncover hidden insights in seconds.


Because idaciti is a discovery platform, you can also ask questions and change your data sets dynamically as you discover anomalies or other insights along the way.

Visualize Your Data

Create Visualizations Updated in Real Time

Create and annotate data visualizations that drive your analysis home. idaciti features Storyboard, a tool that allows teams to easily visualized data for analysis and presentations.


Best of all, this data can be manipulated and updated in real time, allowing you and your team to field questions during presentations on the spot. Annotate findings to help others within your organization understand your analysis, even when you aren’t in the room.

Dig Deeper

Collaborate with Colleagues to Build a Powerful Analysis

Once you’ve found the data you’re looking for, you’ll save it to a data card in order to better visualize the information and create a valuable and informative chain of reports.

Because the software is a securely hosted SaaS software, the idaciti platform can be easily and securely accessed anywhere, across multiple devices. This makes it simple for multiple members of your team to make annotations and narrate your company’s analyses. This level of collaboration reduces duplicate efforts, overlaps, and confusion among team members.

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

If you’re looking to go deeper to uncover and highlight the information and insights that paint an accurate and informative picture of your business and its competition, you need to be asking a very important question: What story is my data telling?


With a powerful and dynamic platform in place, you can develop the story you want to tell about your business instead of that story being dictated by the data available. This will enable you to better communicate to the world and management about your company and paint a clearer picture of how your company compares with others in your industry. 

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