Meet idaciti, the easiest way to access and analyze financial and non-financial data.

Unlock the power of data with idaciti, the software built for modern financial professionals.

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The Easiest Way to Access Financial and Non-Financial Data

Rather than scrape financial and non-financial data the old-fashioned way, idaciti parses public filings every 15 minutes. That means you and your team have access to the richest and most accurate data-library on the market.

Tell Financial Stories that Make an Impact

As a financial professional, it can be difficult to create a narrative around your findings and recommendations. idaciti helps you turn important data into compelling stories that drive decisions thanks to Storyboard.

With Storyboard, financial professionals have the ability to collaborate, share and annotate cards that are updated in real-time with the latest data.

Link Financial and Non-Financial Data

Financial data can only tell you so much. That’s why idaciti provides both financial and non-financial data, making it possible to discover rich insights about the companies that you are interested.

Dive into Every Data Point

When you absolutely need the right data, idaciti is here to help. Because of the way idaciti is built, we empower you to trace any data source directly to the original filing information.

Unlike other platforms, idaciti helps you to do this with a few clicks of a button.

Uncover Information Like Never Before

idaciti helps you and your team save time and surface information that would otherwise have been missed. Our robust platform eliminates the need for financial analysts and reporters to conduct countless search engine queries or to sift through filings on the SEC website. Instead, idaciti’s powerful internal text analytics system makes it simple to surface the information you’re searching for and even helps you find data you didn’t know existed.

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