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Access, use and share public financial and non-financial data easier than ever before. It'll change how you report, make decisions and collaborate.

A data platform that visualizes the financial DNA of public companies.
Harness the full power of public financial and non-financial data, including footnotes and disclosures, for any business analysis.

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Choose your companies

Choose your companies

Who are you evaluating?

Select any public companies filed with the SEC.

Select your metrics

Select your metrics

What are the KPIs?

Choose from over 500 data points from our pre-built reporting/analysis taxonomy that's systematically parsed and normalized from the public filings (including footnotes) for key insights.

Build your cards

Build your cards

Visualize the data and create a chain of reports.

All data will be automatically graphed with several display options available. Collaborate as a team on the cards, or download and share them.

Dig deeper

Dig deeper

Go beyond the data.

Use textual search and analysis to search footnotes and MD&A for hidden insights in seconds.

Tell your story

Tell your story

What is the data really saying?

Put your cards together to tell a deeper story about a trend, insight or market activity. Share with your team, clients or potential prospects.

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“If you build it,” they WILL come

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It's possible to see red flags sooner than the auditors.

The definition of a Going Concern, or an entity’s viability for the foreseeable future, has always been an ambiguous concept because there are no specific GAAP principles to objectively define it....

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